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Values ​​of Vetoquinol are the reference framework for the behavior of each employee in his everyday work. Common values ​​allow employees from different disciplines around the world to work together better, and also contribute to greater coherence in activities and decision-making. These values ​​reflect the expected professional behavior and are included in the annual performance appraisal of each employee.




Good Practice Guide to Keep Ethical Standards Vetoquinol 

Vetoquinol ensures that its development is in line with the legislation, ethical standards and the rights of the individual, while allowing healthy competition. To achieve this goal, all employees receive a Good Practice Guide. 

The rules contained in this manual define what Vetoquinol expects from every employee regardless of his / her employment. All employees around the world act in accordance with these rules, respecting competition, customers and suppliers, thus preventing the risk of fraud or corruption. 


Environmental protection, Vetoquinol's common interest

Vetoquinol undertakes to analyze the impacts of its activities, to best protect natural resources and biodiversity, and to limit pollution and consumption. This means developing the most suitable animal health products with a view to preserving the environment. 

Vetoquinol is committed to respecting the environment when choosing suppliers, shipping methods, manufacturing processes, packing procedures and distribution networks. These departments are responsible for the quality department. 

Pro oblasti bezpečnosti zdraví a ochrany prostředí se běžně používají standartní ukazatele pro měření pokroku v boji s globálním oteplováním a využíváním zdrojů. Rovněž analyzuje potenciální rizika pro prostředí, a to jak průběžně, tak individuálně pro velké projekty s cílem poskytnout a realizovat správná preventivní a ochranná opatření. Je informován o projektech či rozhodnutích, která mají dopad na některou ze tří složek udržitelného rozvoje: environmentální, sociální a ekonomickou.


Vetoquinol - společnost, která se stará o kvalitu života zaměstnanců

The company takes care of employee satisfaction and conducts regular surveys. The Satisfaction Survey has been held three times since 2007. The latest results are from 2015 when a survey was carried out among employees in France, and from 2016 further branches will be added. In the coming years, the company would like employees to be seen as "a great place to work".

Vetoquinol is committed to combating any form of discrimination. Vetoquinol ensures that employees benefit from fair compensation and profit sharing. It creates conditions that promote individual success within the organization. 

Also the health and safety of employees are constantly under consideration. The Quality Department ensures the highest safety standards in all company departments around the world.